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Money Saving Tips

4 1/2 Things You Can Do To Avoid A Service Call

    1. Check your thermostat

  • Is it properly set to cooling or heating
  • Is there a "low battery indicator"
  • Is the fan set to "auto" or "on"? If "on" the fan will run continuously leading some to think their air conditioner or furnace is not cycling off.


    2. Check the electrical breaker. It should be in the on position. If you don't know which breaker controls the system, find it, then get a sharpie and mark it in your electrical panel before you need it.

  •  The air conditioner breaker will be larger than most other breakers with a higher number printed on the switch (typically 35-60).
  • The furnace breaker will be smaller than the air conditioner and have a smaller number on the switch (15-25).                  
  • Outside, adjacent to the condenser air conditioners there is an electrical disconnect box. It is usually about 5" wide and 7" tall with a big wire connecting it to the condenser. It will have a hinged front and some way to stop the flow of electricity. Check to see that it is in the on position or that the fuses are not burned (this one is usually a long shot but if you are determined to find the problem it's worth the effort).


    3. Inside light switch. Close to the gas furnace or heat pump air handler there will be a typical light switch that powers that piece of equipment. Sometimes it gets turned off in confusion with a light switch. While marking things with a sharpie this may also be a good candidate.


    4. Is the filter dirty? If you can see dirt it should be changed. The recommended frequency is monthly. A soiled filter can reduce airflow and cause the air conditioner to freeze. If the air velocity coming from the vents does not feel as strong as normal check two things:

  • Is the filter dirty?
  • Can you see ice on the big, insulated copper pipe connecting from the house to the air conditioner? If so, it is frozen and will not work until thawed. To thaw it there is a two step procedure. Go to the thermostat and turn the air conditioner "off" then set the fan to "on". Once it has thawed, which can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to all night, you may reset the thermostat to the normal position. If a dirty filter was the cause it will not freeze again. There are other things that can cause freezing that are not homeowner repairs. So if it freezes again, a service call is in order. You may find this video helpful.



    4 1/2 Have you had your system checked in advance of the season? Just like changing the oil in a car, cooling and heating systems need to be serviced regularly. Check out our COMFORT ZONE.